Researches The Bioinformatics Group (TBIG)

The Bioinformatics Group (TBIG)

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The Bioinformatics group of NUST is involved in solving complex biological and medical questions using cutting edge computational tools. With a diverse range of projects from understanding different interplay of genes in different diseases, to analyzing sequencing data for better vaccine development, to predicting cancer and its prognosis using AI


  1. ​Dr Rehan Zafar Paracha (Coordinator)
  2. Dr Zamir Hussain
  3. Dr Mehak Rafiq​

Research Areas

  • Vaccine Development
  • Cancer Genetics
  • System B​iology
  • De novo protein design


  • 50 Journal
  • 22 Conferences​


03 Projects total worth PKR 4.89 Million​


  • 04 PhDs
  • 18 MS​

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