Researches Mechanics Interdisciplinary Group (MIG)

Mechanics Interdisciplinary Group (MIG)

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Welcome to Mechanics Interdisciplinary Group (MIG) at Research Centre for Modeling & Simulation, National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan. The scope of MIG include aerodynamics, flight mechanics and control related investigations in the area of aeronautics, astronautics, unmanned vehicle design and wind energy. The students come from diverse academic backgrounds (engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science) and work through computational, analytical as well as experimental approaches thereby manifesting interdisciplinary approach.

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Research Areas

  • Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics & Control of Fixed-Wing Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • Scaling Laws in Aircraft Design.
  • Limit Cycle Oscillations in Aerospace Systems.
  • Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics of Supersonic Blunt Bodies with Active / Passive Flow Control.
  • Design & Development of Energy-Efficient Electric Fan Blades.
  • Aero/Flight Mechanics of Fighter Aircrafts / UAVs / Missiles through CFD​


  • Dr. Adnan Maqsood (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Rizwan Riaz
  • Dr. Ammar Mushtaq
  • Dr. Salma Sherbaz
  • Dr. Junaid Ahmad Khan​

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