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Student Faculty Ratio

1 in 4

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Fully funded Scholarships


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Million (PKR)

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Pioneers of CS&E
RCMS is the first School to offer themultidisciplinary degree of Computational Sciences and Engineering
With over 30+ colloborations, students at RCMS not just work in an academic environemt but also get to experience how the actual industry works
Fastest Supercomputer in Pakistan
Established in 2007, RCMS has the fastest super computer in Pakistan.
Multidisciplinary Research
With establishment of NICHE faculty from varied backgrounds come together under one roof. From Computer Science to Statistics to Biology. If
there is venue that needs to be discovered, it is here
RCMS faculty and students work together to bring dream vision into a reality

Welcome to RCMS

Research Centre for Modelling and Simulation is a top-notch research institute, one of its own kinds in the country; parented by National University of Science and Technology Islamabad. Established in 2007 and it is famous for its supercomputing facilities which provide its technical studies with a cutting edge resources. The education, training and research activities of RCMS have been divided into two main streams, namely: Computational Sciences; and Computational Engineering

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Dr Mian Ilyas Ahmed

Message from the Principal

It is both an honour and privilege to warmly welcome you to Research Centre for Modelling and Simulation (RCMS). A university and thereby a country is defined by the research activities adapted by it which have the potential to bring changes to the nation. Considering the utmost importance of modern da​y research, RCM​S was established in 2008 and have produced skilled graduates in interdisciplinary and diverse arenas. RCMS is committed to excellence in academics in our classrooms and meaningful interdisciplinary research. Competent faculty and relevant equipped facilities are our key strengths making it one of the best research centres. We believe that the opportunity for higher education should be available to all who seek it, and we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges that higher education presents in the years ahead. I commend you for your interest in interdisciplinary education and research that address both diversity and teamwork. We look forward to having you join the RCMS’ family.

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In the Spotlight

Postgraduate Programs

Upcoming Events

MS Thesis Defence - AMMARA NAZ

November 16,2021 - 16, 2021

MS Thesis Defence - HUMAIRA TAYYAB

November 15,2021 - 15, 2021
"Whatever I learned at RCMS is the crux of my professional life"
Muhammad Adnan Ashraf
Assistant Manager NESCOM
"Going to Learn was better than going to Earn, time at RCMS was the best time of life"
MS BI (Class of 2019)
"RCMS where future lies....."
Dr. Imran Mir
PhD SE (2014 - 2018)
"RCMS is truly the best choice for those who are keen to thrive in an interdisciplinary environment. I did my most joyous research there, an amazing experience that I couldn't have anywhere else in Pakistan."
Tabeer Fatima
MS CS&E 2014 - 2016
"The best part about RCMS is: It offers such a breadth of academic and extracurricular opportunities, you will be able to immerse yourself in whatever interests you. RCMS is a liberal department, so you won't need to decide what you want to study fr a little bit, and you'll be exposed to a bunch of different fields of study."
Fatime Zahra Hassan
MS SE (Class of 2018)
"RCMS has continuously changed lives for the better, over the past few years. For me, its multidisciplinary research environment stands out the most; an ecosystem that helped evolve me into a more woke researcher, by improving my analytical and interpersonal skills at the same time."
Hafiz M. Umer
MS CS&E (Class of 2017)

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